Forbes top ten list of least efficient luxury barges goes to 11, I mean 21!

After recently compiling a dubious list of the most technologically advanced green cars, Forbes is at it again. They've produced a list purporting to be the least efficient luxury cars. This bottom ten list actually numbers twenty-one cars including most of the Audi S models, BMW's M-fleet and Mercedes AMG bombers. The only car on the list not originating from the land of the autobahn is the Cadillac STS-V. They came up with so many cars by including rides that were tied with the same mileage as one position on the list. While being on the list is undoubtedly somewhat embarassing for these three German brands, the list is unfortunately incomplete and fails to include some even bigger offenders. The editors failed to catch the entire lineups from both Maybach and Bentley. Then there are of course the exotics from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Maybe next time.

[Source: Forbes]

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