Germany's Green Party wants politicians to drive hybrids and ride bikes

Few would argue that Germany is known for its cars, as well as for their high-speed roadways. Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have a well-deserved reputation for building awe-inspiring cars ... which also emit plenty of polllutants into the air. Keeping these facts in mind, we have a hard time imagining German politicians riding around in hybrid cars, let alone bicycles. Still, "It's just embarrassing when all parties preach climate protection and then drive around Berlin in fat luxury cars," says Winfried Hermann, the Green Party's transport spokesman. In order to make the transition from Porsche's to pedals, the Green Party wants the Bundestag (those with seats in Parliament) to trade in their current cars for hybrids and to have access to the rental bicycles available in cities across Germany.
[Source: Spiegel Online]

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