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The transport policy of the UK's Green Party wants to discourage motorcycle, car, and SUV use through fees and strict legislation, such as by putting speed limiters on high-powered motorcycles.

After recent elections in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate state, the ruling SPD party lost its absolute majority, while the green party tripled its vote. Apparently, that means the future of Formula One racing at the Nürbürgring could be in serious danger. Losing all that F1 business would be a huge blow to the storied raceway, making its current financial woes even deeper.

Few would argue that Germany is known for its cars, as well as for their high-speed roadways. Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have a well-deserved reputation for building awe-inspiring cars ... which also emit plenty of polllutants into the air. Keeping these facts in mind, we have a hard time imagining German politicians riding around in hybrid cars, let alone bicycles. Still, "It's just embarrassing when all parties preach climate protection and then drive around Ber

I was checking out the blog of an old friend that I grew up with, who now lives on Prince Edward Island. PEI is an island province on the Atlantic coast of Canada, and apparently they are trying to cash in on the ethanol boom. An ethanol production plant is being proposed for construction in Georgetown, PEI. The leader of provincial Green party there, Sharon Labchuk, is ambivalent about having a local production plant. Her party's most recent national election platform is very supportive of biof