We have the proof: hybrid drivers are the liberal, artistic types

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I've been writing here at AutoblogGreen for almost two years now. Every now and again, I see a press release that gets my "the readers will have a field day with this one" senses tingling. What were some of the other announcements or stories fit this tingly category? The story about cars driven by first dates (both for the men and the women) certainly fit the bill. Bob Lutz's "crock of sh*t" statement, too. Today, we got another. The short of it is this: an online advertising / branding firm, Mindset Media, says that its proprietary psychographic standard reveals that hybrid drivers are, for the most part, highly creative, more liberal, "more open-minded, more spontaneous, and more assured of their ability to lead others." If that doesn't get a response, I've lost touch with y'all - that, or, you're putting me on :)

Anyway, here's what Mindset Media is claiming. Based on the results of a Nielsen's Online panel survey of hybrid drivers, the company has developed a "mindset profile" (yes, that's trademarked) for people who tool around with a gas-electric powertrain. The results are that these drivers are 78 percent more likely than someone in the general population to be "highly creative" and also have higher-than-average scores in those items categories listed above. iI Mindset Media's terminology, hybrid drivers are"Creativity 5s" and "Dogmatism 1s." Mindset Media's announcement (and explanation about what a "Creativity 5" is) is after the jump.

Press Release:

Mindset Media Study Finds People Who Drive Hybrid Cars Are More Creative and Less Dogmatic Than Population at Large

NEW YORK, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Mindset Media (http://www.mindset-media.com), an online ad network that enables brand advertisers to reach millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands, released today a Mindset Profile(TM) of hybrid car drivers, which the company generated from a recent study conducted using Nielsen's Online panel (http://www.nielsen-online.com).

If recent media speculation holds up, Volkswagen will become the 13th auto brand to offer or plan to offer hybrids to U.S. auto consumers. As the "clean and green" segment takes off and competition heats up, auto manufacturers will need to understand exactly what makes people who like hybrids tick. According to a recent study conducted by Mindset Media, people who drive hybrid cars are 78 percent more likely than the general population to be highly creative or, in Mindset Media parlance, "Creativity 5s." Hybrid drivers are also far more likely to be more liberal than the general population -- "Dogmatism 1s," -- and the study found hybrid owners to be more open-minded, more spontaneous, and more assured of their ability to lead others.

Mindset Media defines Creativity 5s as inventive and imaginative people. Creativity 5s also tend to be emotionally sensitive and intellectually curious.

"A Mindset Buy(TM) of any of these 'hybrid Mindsets' will reach millions of people with the 'wiring' to love hybrids," said Sarah Welch, COO and co-founder of Mindset Media. "A Mindset Buy will extend the target reach of any hybrid plan simply and efficiently."

About Mindset Media

Mindset Media is the internet ad network for brands. Using its proprietary psychographic standard, Mindset Media enables brand advertisers to target millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands in online media buys. The company works in partnership with Nielsen Online to develop consumer profiles that help brand marketers specify their psychographic targets. For more information, visit http://www.mindset-media.com.

[Source: Mindset Media]

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