Oh goodness. Talk about setting the match a little close to the powder keg.

Two Cars.com interns were sent out into the streets of Chicago recently and asked women their opinions about various cars that a guy might show up for a first date in and what their reactions would be. Coming from someone who thinks about cars just a wee bit more than the average person on a daily basis, let's just say I cringed more than once while watching this clip. I feel kind of bad for these ladies, who are portrayed as harsh, simplistic and somewhat ignorant. Or maybe that's just who they are.

Starting at around 2:25, the video gets to the first of our titular items, the Prius. Aside from barely knowing that the Prius is "good on gas," most of the women react favorably to the hybrid. As for the Hummer H2, well, just watch.

I don't think the Prius v. Hummer debate is ever going to go away, do you?

UPDATE: Thanks to Alex's comment below, I've posted about the video with men answering this question as well.

[Source: Cars.com, YouTube, thanks to Linton for the tip]

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