Roush to dabble in alternative fuels and electrics

According to a report on Inside Line, Roush in planning to branch beyond its typical Ford-based business. Plans include launching a new brand based on import cars, creating products for diesel trucks, and stepping up its current efforts in the alternative fuel market. It seems that the market for performance trucks took a sharp nosedive as gas crested the $3-a-gallon mark. As you may expect, workers who depend on their trucks probably don't purchase their vehicles from a company such as Roush. Hoping to rectify that problem, Roush will be offering an F-150 truck which has been converted to run on propane to fleet customers. The company also has a small fleet of electric cars in the works.

In what's probably a move to pacify current Roush customers, the third brand will not have anything to do with the name "Roush." Inside Line also notes that Jack Roush Jr. has started working at the company as a possible successor to his father. We hope that the Roush brand carries on making cool cars, some of which carry an eco-friendlier demeanor.

[Source: Inside Line]

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