Val Kilmer replaces Will Arnett as the new KITT

Val Kilmer. You know him as Ice Man or Batman (shudder) or, perhaps, as Moses. Soon, though, we'll think of him at KITT. Thanks (or no thanks if you're Will Arnett, aka a star of Arrested Development and the guy who already recorded the KITT voiceovers) to some fighting between GMC and Ford, Kilmer was asked to step in at the last minute and work on the made-for-TV movie that airs February 17. See, Arnett has done voice work for the professional grade advertisers and the Knight Rider movie is sponsored by Ford. Arnett told Variety he was "very excited at the prospect of playing the part of Kitt in the new Knight Rider movie," but he had to "respectfully withdraw from the project." Why Val Kilmer? Who knows, but as Autoblog points out, there's an even better choice out there for the update KITT: the actor who voiced the car in the original series, William Daniels. Whoever voices the new solar-powered " hybrid" Mustang in the series, I just hope the car helps get the bad guys.
[Source: Ecorazzi, Autoblog]

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