"Blue" the new "Green" in automotive environmentalism

Blue is, among other things, the color of the doldrums (the blues), the unknown (out of the blue), the cold or airless (turning blue), the ocean (the big blue), Democrats (blue states), and racy films (blue movies). According to ad agency JWT, 2008 could see blue take on more meaning: becoming the "color of environmentalism, social conscience, and all-round niceness. JWT notes that blue is the color of the sea and the sky, making it easier for people to identify it with the current hot-button issue of climate change."
It's interesting that JWT thinks blue sea and skies make it "easier for people to identify" with environmental concerns. Like green trees and the green, green grass of home are just to damned abstract to really understand what this whole saving-the-Earth thing is all about. It's not like we need anything else clouding the environmental debate -- like Bluetec and Bluemotion, which both utilize green diesel technology. So instead of trying to figure out if you're a blue-greenie or a green-greenie, why don't we just call it teal and get on with being good to the Earth?

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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