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Federal regulators have said they are aware of more than 2,700 complaints, three crashes and 41 injuries.

Elon Musk also discussing ways to help further with territory's governor

It will test the level of pollutants cars are emitting in real-world driving

It will test the level of pollutants cars are emitting in real-world driving.

Ducati and Renk are in play, but VW's head of strategy says investment in EVs is the main focus.

Although lithium is plentiful, the problem is ensuring there is enough capacity to process it.

Porsche said it was fully cooperating with authorities.

The German arrest was part of a wider probe into fraud and false advertising.

It's the first arrest in Germany regarding VW's diesel scandal.

First step: a "zero emission zone" in central London by 2025,

Fiat Chrysler hopes regulators will quickly approve the company's proposed software update.

Bosch is a provider of engine management software to Daimler.

This as traffic fatalities are on the rise.

That means 14 percent of Americans don't, and with men, and in certain states, it's higher.

Automakers would no longer pay emissions testers, could face massive fines.

Bill would authorize vehicle spot checks and fines.

About 12,000 are currently in dealer inventory.

It's a relatively small portion of affected cars, but it's a start.

Move favors oil, coal industries.

Trump says the plan hurts the fossil fuel industry, yet it was never actually implemented.

Bioplastics make it possible.

The companies are working on sustainable plastics made from parts of the agave plant not used to make liquor.

Internal probe comes at the request of the U.S. Justice Department, company says

One investigation into emissions testing irregularities is winding down. Another is just getting underway.

Patterns show that the move to cleaner energy would be quick if there was a concerted effort.

The common wisdom that moving away from dirty fossil fuels will take ages is flat-out wrong, says professor Benjamin Sovacool.

Milan bans cars in the city center for three days this week, trying to decrease air pollution. No rain, little wind have clouded the city in smog.

A California bill wants to increase renewable energy and efficiency targets – while reducing fossil fuels – by 2030. The legislation has again pitted environmentalists against oil companies.

Automaker Makes Buildings More Energy-Efficient

Chevrolet is the only automaker to be awarded by EPA for emissions-reduction efforts in 2015.

It looks like Chrysler is going a little further with its eco-friendly ways than merely selling Fiat 500 EVs. The US automaker recognized 30 US dealerships for their eco-friendly ways, giving out awards for its second-annual Dealer Environmentally Conscious Operations (ECO) Program to 30 Chrysler dealers in 21 states.

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