Tesla's Roadster wins Autopia's Car of the Year award

In a somewhat surprising move (especially given this), Wired.com's Autopia blog has chosen the Tesla Roadster as their Car of the Year. The runner-up was the Fiat 500. Many people are fed-up hearing all of the hype about the Tesla, but that is part of the reason that the machine won this particular award. The general consensus around AutoblogGreen is that the Tesla is awesome and that it will indeed make a big difference in the automotive world, despite some of the bad press (mostly deservedly) that it has gotten as of late. Here are a few quotes from the article:

The Tesla is our pick for two reasons. First, it's easily the coolest alternative fuel vehicle ever made, one that proves electric cars can be every bit as breathtaking as the finest fossil-fuel guzzling super cars... But more importantly, the Tesla best represents the direction the auto industry must go. Too many automakers have churned out the same old cars year after year, growing fat and lazy on the profit margins offered by SUVs and pickup trucks. That won't work anymore, and they know it. It's time for new thinking and new ideas. It's time for innovation. The Tesla has those things in spades, and there's a reason Silicon Valley is emerging as a leader in electric vehicle technology.

So, there you have it. Now... what do you think about it?


[Source: Wired's Autopia]

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