Uh-oh: Wired picks Tesla Roadster for annual Vaporware awards

Well, WIRED used to love the Tesla Roadster. And the magazine will love it once again sometime down the road. But today - exactly because they can't buy a Roadster and drive it down the road now - WIRED is a bit sour. The electric supercar has been named to Wired's annual vaporware list. In the current list, Vaporware 2007: Long Live the King, writer Michael Calore picks on (to me) legitimate targets like the Steorn Orbo and Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy album alongside the Roadster. As Calore writes, "the car has been appearing everywhere -- Popular Science, The New York Times, Wired -- except the blacktop. The Tesla Roadster was promised this October, but now we're looking forward to burning some vapor in 2008." What will 2008 bring? I'm still confident that buyers will get their Roadsters, transmission issues and all. You?
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[Source: WIRED, h/t to kert]

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