The all-electric Shelby Cobra 427 we were just introduced to by Michael Kadie was not the only ridiculously awesome EV available for pictures at the EVS23 showroom floor. At the end of the video about the Cobra, we moved over to a bright red electric Mustang. Here, now, is that video, with Edward Riggs Monfort describing what has been changed in the Mustang Ronaele 300e. Kadie worked on the 300e, too, but the car is really more of Monfort's thing. And you can see the enthusiasm on his face as he tells AutoblogGreen about the ride (even though it was probably the 100th time he ran through the details during the symposium).

Ronale has been selling tuned gasoline Mustangs for the past two years and Monfort said the electric version will be ready for customers within the next few months. The 300e is the precursor to the 600e, a more powerful all-electric Mustang that will have more than 2,000 ft. lbs of torque. All that power will give the 600e the power to pull two horizontal Gs, Kadie says. The 300e's top speed is going to be around 150 mph, but the ratios can be changed to bump it to over 200. A full charge in the 300e will give you 100 miles (a dual battery pack will, unsurprisingly, double that). Solid.

So, how do you get one of these? Bring your own car and pay $80,000 for the EV conversion and the Ronaele styling package. The nice thing, Monfort says (and he's right) is that you'll be in a timeless machine. In 20 years, the style will still look good on the street, he said. We didn't talk about the shape the batteries will be in in two decades, but by then you will probably be able to pop on down to the corner store for a new pack, no? We can hope.


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