When you hear Michael Kadie say "2.S.S.I.C.," it sounds like a friend's name. In fact, Michael calls the car his baby, and from the time and effort he's put into not only making his Daytona Coupe a fast all-electric racecar but also EVangelizing (yes, with a capital EV), it's a deserved name. We've featured Michael and his electric racers on AutoblogGreen before (see the links below), but this is the first time we've caught up with him on video. He's the kind of guy who can give green racing a good name.

In the video, you'll see the batteries in the rear of the car, which is where they need to be for drag racing. When Michael races autocross, the batteries are shifted to the front of the vehicle. 2.S.S.I.C.'s top speed? Probably around 150 mph. You can learn a lot more about what it's like to drive a beauty like this, emission-free, in our 6 minute video. Enjoy.

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