EVS23: Just try to catch these bad (EV) boys: all-electric Mustang and Shelby Cobra

The last time we spoke with Michael Kadie was at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo and he told us all about 2.S.S.I.C., his Daytona Coupe that he turned into an all-electric racing vehicle. At this week's EVS23 in Anaheim, Kadie is showing off two more amazing rides that are all muscle car on the outside but have pure green EV innards. The cars? A classic (as in eternal) Mustang and a Shelby Cobra. These conversions are not kidding around (check out the specs of the Mustang 300e here) and you can buy your own next year if you have a large pile of unmarked bills sitting around. I'll post more info on these two cars when I get my video interviews uploaded. For now, lets just enjoy the pictures.

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