The video above includes six TV ads for a variety of green Chevy vehicles. These ads were part of the campaign that began to position Chevy and GM as a green car maker. Looking back, our reactions were shock and confusion over ads for cars not for sale, giant hybrids and vegetarian cars. We were shocked because when you think Chevy, "this is our country" ads with big trucks on a farm come to mind, not vegetarianism.

GM is making serious progress on the green technology front but in my humble opinion, the first year of green ads is a failure. You might say it was just too much of a shift and to that I say the best car ad of 2007 is probably Think About It by Hyundai. Hyundai making me think is probably a bigger shift than Chevy going green! For comparison, you can watch the Think About It and This is our country ads below the fold.

Has a year of these Chevy ads changed you idea of what Chevy means?

[Source: YouTube, GM]

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