The Chevy Volt is still at least three years away from start of production and a good four to six months from real running prototypes. However none of that is slowing down General Motors from using the car to charge up its image. The Volt is continuing its world tour in Frankfurt this week and banners and billboards are turning up in high-visibility locations.

The banner on the building in the photo was put up during the Woodward Dream Cruise last month. A Volt billboard also stands next I-94 near the Detroit Metro Airport. Many magazines over the last six months have also featured the image of the range-extended EV and now there is a TV ad as well.

While all of this keeps the Volt in people's minds, it does pose a risk for GM. If the development of E-Flex encounters any obstacles that lead to delays (or, worse, cancellation), this campaign could prove to be an even bigger PR disaster than the EV1 fiasco. Of course, if GM can't build a car like the Volt, the ad campaign will be the least of their problems. You can check out the video of the ad after the jump.

[Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, thanks to Michael for the tip]

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