I know who will be the winner in the fight for greenest car maker in 2008

There is a lot of talk about who will win the fight for the greenest car maker in 2008: Toyota or GM? Also, who will win in the battle for the best hybrid: the two-mode or synergy drive? I'm here to tell you who will be the winner but first let me tell you how well each has trained.
Next year, GM could release the first plug-in hybrid (it might bow in 2009). GM has already surpassed Toyota's Highlander SUV's highway mileage with its Saturn SUV. Next year, GM's two-mode hybrids will probably have better city and highway mileage than the Highlander, maybe even the Prius. GM is running ads for the Volt already and next year the Volt will be a working car, not just a concept. GM calls their cars vegetarian and it looks like they are the leaders on batteries. Knock out? Don't dismiss Toyota just yet.

Toyota is testing plug-in hybrids and they promise to be first on lithium-ion batteries. Toyota has the best hybrid on the market and they plan to increase the electric only range and top speed. Prius is ready to be a brand and Toyota has said they will lower the price of a hybrid so much, they will have a hybrid in every car they make. Toyota has a track record of supporting hybrids before they were cool so who knows who will win? I do!

Who will be the winner in the fight for the greenest car makers in 2008? The consumer will be the winner, and, with gas prices probably going up a lot in 2008, we could use it.

[Source: Arizona Local News]

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