Video: GM ad for Chevy Tahoe hybrid says other hybrids are "tinsy-winsy"

This is why I could not wait to see the ad for the hybrid Chevy Tahoe. I knew something like this was coming when the GM PR guy at Boston AltWheels told me the Chevy Tahoe was a "big ass hybrid." Twice. So, the theme of the ad is the same as other recent Chevy ads, kids learning about GM cars in nature. The children are asked are hybrids "small?" The kids respond yes because obviously they are small. "They're tinsy-winsy, aren't they?" asks the teacher again. The kids respond "yes," again. Then the teacher says, "wrong."

The teacher explains this Tahoe is the first "full sized hybrid SUV." Is it "brilliant?" "gigantic?" and "can it do jobs tinsy-winsy hybrids can't do?" the teacher asks. Yes to all those questions the kids reply and "that's why they made it" the teacher replies. The kids giggle. The fine print is interesting. The teacher says city mileage is 40 percent more than the non-hybrid Tahoe but the EPA has not released the numbers. So the fine print explains MPG 20 city is "based on GM testing." I think that's the first time I have seen that in an ad. Watch it after the break.

[Source: GM]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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