COMS BP, one of four new Tokyo Motor Show concepts from Toyota Auto Body

Can't get enough crazy single-seater electric vehicles? Why not look into what Toyota Auto Body Co. Ltd. will bring to the 40th Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota Auto Body, which is separate but works with, Toyota Motor Company, will present four concept cars in Tokyo, and the most green of the pack is the COMS BP (yeah, we don't know what that name comes from either).
According to Tech-On, the COMS BP "is a small electric vehicle that uses bio plastics derived from plants for some of its body parts, including the hood, pillars and roof." So, for some very specific applications, this would be the ideal eco-car (well, eco-vehicle at least). It looks like it has space for at least some luggage there in the back. No more details (battery type, range, etc.) are mentioned at Tech-On.

TAB's other concept cars include a vehicle designed for on-the-go pet trimming (I'm not kidding, it's the Mobile Trimmer, and is "equipped with facilities for trimming and shampooing"), a five-seat living room van (the VOXY) and a motorcycle-carrying HIACE Wide Super GL

There's nothing official from TMC on these concepts so far (and I'm unfamiliar with Tech-on), but we're keeping our ears open. Toyota's "real" Tokyo vehicles are as follows: [Source: Tech-On, thanks to Domenick]

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