First, Dodge was found guilty for mimicking the long-nose front-end of a semi when they introduced their entirely new Ram truck back in '94. Now, Toyota copies the look of one of those slab-like flat-nose trucks with their Hi-CT concept. Who cares about aerodynamics when urban enjoyment is the only criteria? With the nearly-absent overhangs, this vehicle would likely be very easy to pilot around the congested city streets of an urban metropolis. The power is provided by a hybrid drivetrain, mating a small 1.5 liter gasoline engine with an electric motor. Toyota uses words like "edgy" and "cool" to describe the car. We'll take a pass for now and wait until we see more real-life pictures of the machine before passing judgment. Sorta resembles half of a VW Vanagon though, doesn't it?

[Source: Toyota via Autoblog]


Toyota Hi-CT

The Hi-CT aims to offer a new "coolness" and new ways to have fun as a departure from conventional vehicles-an edgy, urban vehicle inspired by the thinking and lifestyles of youth.

* Offers a new kind of automotive "cool" and sense of enjoyment.
* Has a new look unconstrained by conventional vehicle size (length 3,330mm x width 1,695mm x height 1,780mm).
* Adopts plug-in hybrid technology, which allows it to charge from an external power source and gives it a greater driving range when running on its battery-powered motor; by placing the battery under the floor, achieves a highly efficient cabin with a higher driver position.
* Comes with an AC100V accessory socket that enables stored electricity-made possible by plug-in hybrid technology-to be used for a variety of applications.
* Features a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be loaded.

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