Tokyo 2007 Preview: Toyota's "environmentally considerate" 1/X

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Adjectives like lightweight, mid-engine and rear wheel drive usually equal a performance car. In the case of the Toyota 1/X concept, that would be an apt description, but not in the traditional sense of the word. Pronounced 1/Xth and weighing just 926 lbs., the car is literally a third of the weight of Toyota's current green car standard, the Prius. Featuring a 500cc engine plus hybrid electric motor with plug-in capability, the acceleration is probably good enough, while the fuel mileage and electric-only cruising range are likely superb. The low weight is made possible by the extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic -- the same thing that race cars are molded from. Unfortunately, no real specifications are provided, so we don't know what kind of battery is used, how long the car can go on a charge or what the average fuel mileage equivalent might be. But, the 1/X can be plugged into an outlet and seat four occupants, so it's got the green commuter car requirements on straight lock-down.

The styling of the vehicle is very... um, distinctive, and like the Prius, the 1/X won't be mistaken for anything else. Hey, it's worked for Toyota before, so why not try it again?

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[Source: Toyota via Autoblog]

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