Tokyo 2007 Preview: Personal mobility from Toyota, i-Real concept

Picking up the extreme personal mobility theme last seen in the i-Swing from the last Tokyo show, this time Toyota has the i-Real. As before, the battery-powered single seater has three wheels. The rear wheel can extend out back for greater stability and higher speeds. When the rear wheel is pulled in close, the machine stands up straighter and can maneuver in tighter spaces. Apparently Toyota is moving the i-Real toward commercialization although it remains to be seen if this thing will prove to be any more successful than than the two-wheel stand-up Segway.

[Source: Toyota]


The i-REAL is a personal mobility vehicle made closely in human scale as a step toward commercialization in
the near future.

- Represents the next stage of Toyota's personal mobility vehicle development, following the PM, i-unit and i-
- Uses three wheels (two at the front and one at the back), in low-speed mode, shortening its wheelbase to
allow it to maneuver naturally among pedestrians at similar eyesight height without taking up a large
amount of space; in high-speed mode the wheelbase lengthens to provide a lower center of gravity and
better driving performance.
- Ensures safe handling-both to the driver and those around the vehicle-by employing perimeter
monitoring sensors to detect when a collision with a person or object is imminent and alerts the driver by
emitting a noise and vibrating; at the same time, alerts people around it of its movements through the
pleasant use of light and sound.

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