Stockholm mandates dispensing of CNG at all gas stations

Stockholm is making a clear step towards the widespread use of CNG (compressed natural gas) in vehicles. The City Councillor for the Environment, Ulla Hamilton, is promoting a policy that will increase the use of CNG vehicles, with biomethane as a primary source for that gas. Gas obtained from fossil sources will only be used in case demand surpasses supply.

Local gas supplier, AGA, is setting up new gas storage facilities and a distribution network because Sweden does not have an existing grid, a move that will eliminate the need for delivery trucks. The grid will be operational by the end of 2009, which will allow houses to have home refueling station and gas(oline) stations to have CNG "pumps" as well.

To support these and other intiatives (local fleets running on CNG, for instance), the city will build a biogas production facility in K├Ąppalaverket (a nearby town). The gas will be obtained from sewage sludge to which the city is going to add restaurant and large kitchens' waste to increase production.

[Source: NGV]

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