Mercedes launches B class running on CNG

Mercedes will soon start selling its B class B 170 NGT, their first compact to run on Natural Gas (the other model being an E 200). The vehicle, which will go on sale in June 2008, has a 112 HP engine that uses 4.9 kg of natural gas to run 100 km, which is equivalent to 7.4 liters of gasoline (about 32 mpg). On that trip, it'll produce CO2 emissions of just 135 grams per kilometer. The B 170 NGT can be equipped with any trim level except Sport.
Erdgas, the largest gas company in Germany, is pushing CNG vehicles by building fuelling stations throughout the country. Another interesting initiative is one that will see CNG have a 10 percent biogas blend, made from landfills and/or manure, in the near future.

[Source: NGV Global]

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