Sixt now rents natural gas powered cars in Germany

So you decided to spend a vacation in Germany. Sehr gut! Now you can rent a car with an (relatively) alternative fuel: Compressed Natural Gas. Rental company Sixt has added 1,000 CNG Volkswagen Tourans EcoFuel to the fleet. The initiative is a collaboration between Sixt, Volkswagen and local industry partnership Initiativkreis Erdgas als Kraftstoff e. V. (IEK = Initiative for Natural Gas as fuel).
The vehicles can be rented at 28 locations nationwide, even at 11 airports. The models have 109 HP and use 5.8 kg of CNG to run 100 km. This is claimed to be 30 percent cheaper than an equivalent diesel and 50 percent cheaper than a gasoline counterpart - with 23 percent fewer emissions.

[Source: Sixt via NGV Global]

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