Edmunds Inside Line has a Civic GX in their long-term fleet

All the way back in December of last year, ABG blogger Mike Magda was able to arrange a test drive of the Honda Civic GX, which is the version of the car which runs on natural gas. Mike shared a few thoughts with us about the car which you can find here. But, what would it be like to live with the car for an extended period of time? Hopefully, we'll all be able to figure some of that out with the assistance of Edmunds Inside Line, which has one of the GX's in their long-term fleet of cars. Additionally, they plan on getting a personal CNG filling station installed so that they can fill the car up at their convenience. This brings up one potential issue with the car: the lack of filling stations. The editors at Inside Line promise to keep us up-to-date on the issues they have with the car, so let's all follow along for the ride.


[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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