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It'd be pricey, but ultimately worth it if these numbers are correct.

The line would run between Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden, and would cut the commute time from hours to just 28 minutes.


The city of Stockholm, Sweden is banning all motorized traffic in the old city center for one day this fall.


Car sharing services like ZipCar, Car2Go and others offer people in cities the chance to have a vehicle without dealing with the hassles of parking or maintenance, while also eliminating traffic. However, many individuals are turned off by the idea of splitting a car with an entire metropolis or would prefer to have a specific model at their disposal. For these unsatisfied souls, Audi has a new arrangement in Stockholm, Sweden, called Audi Unite that might be just the ticket.


The streets of New York City are getting a Scandinavian makeover to be safer for pedestrians. Mayor Bill De Blasio has taken inspiration from Sweden's Vision Zero law, which has as it's goal the eradication of roadway deaths. He is bringing many of its concepts to the Big Apple.

Sweden has latched on to ethanol as a fuel source more strongly than just about any other country except Brazil. Unlike the U.S. and Brazil, where corn and sugar cane, respectively, are the primary feedstocks, Sweden is using waste from its timber industry. Now, the Stockholm transit company Busslink is getting in on the action by ordering 85 new buses from Scania. The new people movers are ethanol fueled and will join 100 other such buses delivered by Scania to the city since the beginning of 2

Stockholm is making a clear step towards the widespread use of CNG (compressed natural gas) in vehicles. The City Councillor for the Environment, Ulla Hamilton, is promoting a policy that will increase the use of CNG vehicles, with biomethane as a primary source for that gas. Gas obtained from fossil sources will only be used in case demand surpasses supply.