Fear the silent roar: Electric Dragin' electric car races hit San Diego in January

All right EV-heads, the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego is calling you out. In January 2008, the group is hosting Electric Dragin', a mostly silent, exhaust-free race for any vehicles that use electric drives. This means hybrids are A-OK, as are fuel cell vehicles, should anyone participating in Project Driveway feels the need to put their Equinox to the test (and earn the eternal scorn of GM).
Two days of races kick off on January 26 at 8 am. EV speedsters can register to race at the Electric Dragin' website. If you don't have a car to enter in the event, don't worry. It will be open to the public. You can also enter in an e-motocross event. No matter who shows up, the point of the races are to prove that electric cars are here today, says Bill Hammons, the group's president. Heck, by January, the Tesla Roadster should be in the hands of the first-in-line buyers. I wonder if any of them will have the guts to sign up with their $100,000 car?

The site is conscious of all sorts of green. It says, "Hard Core racers are welcome to camp out with their vehicles at no additional cost. The savings in lodging fees (four days and three nights) should attract those drivers who spend all their money on their rides." Perhaps you'd like to try one of these eco-RVs. They also offer two flyers for download, a standard version and one targeted to the "hippie" audience. More info in the release after the break.

[Source: Electric Dragin, h/t to Manny]
Electric Dragin' in San Diego during NFL break.

Electric-drive enthusiasts turn to racing to raise awareness about transportation choices and the environment.

San Diego County, CA - The EV community is kicking gas cars off the track by hosting an electric-drive racing event on Saturday, January 26 and Sunday, January 27, 2008 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Electric-drive vehicles consist of electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. These vehicles produce less pollution with greater fuel-efficiency while advancing the future of the transportation industry. Electric Dragin’ is open to the public and all vehicles that have electric-drives.

This event will have vendors, electric-drive owners, and competitors showing off the future of transportation by reducing pollution without losing the power and excitement of racing.

If you would like to race or have a match between you and your neighbor’s hybrid, you can register online at www.electricdragin.com to bring your electric-drive vehicle (including the all hybrids) to see who is king of the track.

Bill Hammons, President of Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego says, “I am tired of the same old rhetoric of electric cars coming in a few more years. The technology is here today and you can see electric-drive on the track. There is no reason we can’t drive cleaner today.”

Joseph Gottlieb of Electra-City Motors, a ZAP (ZAAP.OB) electric car dealer, says “Technology has always stemmed from racing and now that the tides are turning away from gas, we can show people exactly what exists today to take its place. We have new technology batteries, electric motors, controllers, and drive systems that can change our dependency on foreign oil, this event will showcase exactly what comes from those who refuse to think inside the box.”

There will be an e-motocross that everyone is invited to participate in. This is a family event that you can bring the kids to and not worry about them going deaf. The cars are clean and quiet so you can leave your ear plugs at home. Keith Vansickle, another EV enthusiast says “Just because it is drag racing doesn’t mean it has to be deafening. You will be able to breathe easy during this event without all the smog (just a little rubber tire burning). This is going to be the most exciting event to combine racing and reducing our dependency on foreign oil”

For more information, visit www.ElectricDragin.com

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