Think all RVs are eco-unfriendly? Try these Top 10 modern homes on wheels

Mobile homes, RVs, travel trailers, caravans, and campers are very green forms of housing because they are prefabricated and small. Mobile homes' assembly line construction uses less energy and creates less waste than regular home construction. Mobile homes are usually smaller and that means less energy to heat and cool. We figures there are many new modern designs for mobile homes you might have missed, so we compiled a list of the newest and the best in homes on wheels. Below the fold are the 10 best modern travel trailers, RV, campers, caravans, and mobile homes. No one will mistake you for an old couple taking a cross country trip in any of these designs.

[Source: Inhabitat, fabprefab, MoCo Loco]

1. GMC Pad concept. The Pad is one of only three concept vehicles on this list. The Pad won the Design Challenge at the 2006 L.A. Auto Show. The exterior design of the Pad is very cool, as you can see, and the interior is all about media display.

2. Deseo Modular Caravan. The Modular Caravan won the iF product design award in 2006. The exterior is very modern with smooth, rounded edges. The Modular Caravan's interior looks better than my house.

3. Young Activity Trailer. The Young Activity Trailer has a very simple, clean exterior. The interior of the Young Activity Trailer has a back that opens fully and can make room for things like your bullet bike.

4. Modern Park Trailer. The exterior of the Modern Park Trailer has amazing, large windows. The interior actually has a bathroom, living room and a bedroom with a closet.

5. VW Westfalia concept. The second concept on our list comes from Volkswagen, a modern update of the old VW bus by the Canadian company Verdier. The solar powered concept won a prize at the 2007 Caravaning Desing Award.

6. Urban Camper. The last concept on the list, the Urban Camper, shows homes on wheels don't need to be too large. The Urban Camper has a toilet in the trunk and the seats act as beds.

7. Tada Travel Trailer. The Tada has a very traditional trailer shape. I really liked the fact the Tada comes in a wide variety of very bright, primary colors like green, red, yellow and blue.

8. Eggcamper. The Eggcamper reminds me a lot of the Airstream Bambi. The Air Stream design has been around for decades but it still has a certain charm.

9. Snail Shell System. There is no reason all the homes on wheels need to be powered by a fuel-guzzling engine, so I included the Snail Shell System. You just roll this tent-like shelter on its side to move it around.

10. Fiat Ducato. The Fiat Ducator is a popular van for conversion into a motor home. You can see why: The Ducator has clean lines and a very modern shape.

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