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Meet the Enfield Electric that now needs wheelie bars

First Built In The 1970s, A Revamped EV Can Hit 100 MPH

The Enfield 8000 Electric City Car was a tiny, handbuilt, all-electric product of the oil crises in the seventies. A British enthusiast has turned one into a high-po electric dragster, swapping its 6-kWh motor for one with 1,003 horsepower.

Tesla Model S set to sizzle the drag strip, warms up the street [w/video]

Members of the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) are getting ready to sizzle away the seasonal blahs at their Winter Florida Nationals this coming Sunday at the Palm Beach International Raceway. This year the event has been folded into a day of street racing set up by Brooks Weisblat, the man behind DragTimes.

Racing Legend Burns Rubber In All-Electric Dragster [VIDEO]

Nearing his 81st birthday, Don "Big Daddy" Garlits is still innovating in the world of drag racing. The Motorsports Hall Of Famer has certainly burned more than his fair share of fuel during his racing days, but thanks to a 1,500 kilowatt all-electric dragster furnished by High Tech Systems LLC, no fossil fuels were harmed in the making of this video.

Killacycle battles Predator head-to-head, new record set

The weather wasn't cooperative for the EV drag racing faithful at the recent Bookman's Spring Thaw, but with the largest assemblage of top machines and drivers on hand ever, even a little rain and wind couldn't completely get in the way of some battery-powered racing awesomeness. With the action being postponed for o

DC Plasma is one fast Fiero, watch it set new record for electric doorslammers

When Pontiac first conjured up the mid-engined Fiero back in 1984, its performance was also middling. John Metric has one such 2M4 (2 Seat, Mid-Engined, 4-Cyl) from its introductory year and he's fixed that problem. Dubbed "DC Plasma," his electrified example has just reduced the quarter-mile

VIDEO: White Zombie sets quarter mile record with new lithium pack at Wayland Invitational V

John Wayland's White Zombie – Click above to watch video after the jump

Greenlings: Can racing really be green?

Driving In Circles Can Sometimes Be Good For The Planet

Humans are competitive creatures who have raced against each other in one form or another for millennia. Is this still a good idea?

Killacycle electrocutes its own quarter mile record [w/VIDEO]

Its been a mixed year for the A123-sponsored Killacycle crew. On one hand, they've been involved with bringing an electric delivery truck to market and that's cool. On the racing hand, well, there hasn't been much to report. Although entered in the Domenick Yoney

Killacycle vs Mini-Me Killacycle at Wayland Invitational

The Portland International Raceway should be a little quieter for the next couple of days as the Wayland Invitational kicks off with all kinds of electric vehicles ready to do battle on the drag strip. One of the more entertaining pairings may be a duel between the world's quickest electric anything

Red... Yellow... GREEN! Alternative vehicles take over drag strip

Green means go. It's one of the first universal truths taught in school and it will be proven once again at the upcoming Santa Pod's Alternative Energy Race Day. According to Managing Director, David Lloyd Jones, "As a venue, we derive a great deal from Motorsport, so it's important that we do something that helps to plot the future of the sport. Somewhere in this eclectic line-up will be the genuine long-term future of Drag Racing and the d

Drag racing White Zombie gets some Oregon Public TV love

There seems to have been a spate of posts here on ABG lately about electric vehicles running down the quarter mile strip. The Killacycle set a world record, the Tesla Roadster pulled down a Domenick Yoney

VIDEO: Killacycle sets new record, takes back crown

Click above for hi-res image of the Killacycle

Fear the silent roar: Electric Dragin' electric car races hit San Diego in January

All right EV-heads, the Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego is calling you out. In January 2008, the group is hosting Electric Dragin', a mostly silent, exhaust-free race for any vehicles that use electric drives. This means hybrids are A-OK, as are fuel cell vehicles, should anyone participating in Project Driveway feels the need to put their Equinox to the test (and earn the