GM will provide the fuel cell Equinoxes to customers for free

General Motors is planning to start handing over keys to fuel cell powered Equinoxes to customers of their Project Driveway program in just a few weeks' time and, unlike Honda, they don't plan on charging drivers for the privilege. GM is building up to 150 of the hydrogen-fueled crossovers for what is probably the biggest fuel cell vehicle fleet test to date.

Project Driveway is expected to last for up to three years with the initial batches of vehicles going to customers in California, New York and the Washington, DC areas. Some of the Equinoxes will also be shipped over to Europe where they will be badged as the HydroGen 4. While Honda has leased their FCXs for $500 a month, GM will provide the vehicles and fuel for no charge.

[Source: Popular Science and General Motors]

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