How perfect does Iceland's Driving Sustainability '07 conference sound?

Now here's a conference I'd love to attend. Two days of sustainable driving discussion in Iceland. Better than killing two birds with one stone, that'd be like having the birds pluck themselves clean and dive into the soup pot, if you're into eating bird soup.
Anyway, before I get too carried away, let's see just what the Driving Sustainability '07 Conference is all about. The press announcement for DS07 describes where Iceland is today, and how it is using its lucky geographical features to keep things green:

Iceland is a global leader in renewable energy with 72% of its total energy consumption from hydro- and geothermal sources. The remainder, mostly fossil fuels, is consumed by the transport and fishing sector. Iceland is now taking the next step by increasing energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy for vehicles. A volcanic island with abundance of renewable energy sources and a small nation with an innovative mindset provides for an exciting case study on how to move towards a 100% sustainable energy society.

As the related links below show, renewable energy for vehicles in Iceland often = hydrogen. DS07 will take a slightly broader look, bringing up biofuels, EVs and hybrids. The DS07 conference will include local and foreign government representatives, along with reps from Ford Europe, MIT, California Cars Initiative, French Ministry of Industry, Icelandic Energy Authority, city of Copenhagen, city of Reykjavik, city of Stockholm, and the Iceland Innovation Institute. There is a list of renewable energy facts about Iceland after the jump.

DS07 takes place in Reykjavik on September 17-18. Anyone want to fly me out? I mean, read this: The sources of Iceland's renewable energy are best enjoyed by visiting Iceland's many spectacular waterfalls, hot springs and geysers, and of course by relaxing in the Blue Lagoon outdoor spa under a starlit sky in the middle of a lava field.

Yes, please.

[Source: Driving Sustainability '07]
Iceland and renewable energy: the facts

- 72% of Iceland's total energy consumption is from hydro- and geothermal sources

- Iceland has no fossil fuels as a natural resource

- Reykjavik was the site for the world's first commercial hydrogen refuelling station, opened in 2003

- There is a growing fleet of hydrogen passenger cars as well as busses and cars running on locally produced biogas

- The import of ethanol cars and E85 fuel has begun and a Toyota Prius hybrid is being converted to a plug-in hybrid in September by the National Energy Authority

- This first plug-in hybrid in the country will be able to run over 100 kilometres on electricity alone

- All properties and industry in Iceland are run on renewable energy resources

- Three Icelandic cabinet ministers drive hybrid cars

- His Excellency, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson President of Iceland uses a hybrid Lexus L600

- Icelandair is currently introducing the option of carbon offsetting for all its passengers

- The city of Reykjavik recently introduced free parking for eco-friendly vehicles

- Barbara Boxer, US Senator & Chairperson of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee recently visited Iceland to learn more about renewable energy

- Icelanders are acknowledged as the world's leading authorities on renewable energy and their know-how in geothermal energy is being exported throughout the world.

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