Iceland has vast resources to produce hydrogen

Iceland doesn't have any fossil fuel resources of it's own, but it has no shortage natural energy from deep within the earth. Thanks to abundant volcanic activity from the mid-Atlantic ridge, there is plenty of geothermal energy available. This has provided Iceland the opportunity to try and completely eliminate the import of fossil fuels over the next few decades.

Geothermal wells can be used to power electrical generators, which in turn are used to produce hydrogen from water. The Icelandic capital of Reykjavik now has a hydrogen filling station where the hydrogen is produced and stored on-site and used to power fuel cell buses. It's estimated that one tenth of one percent of the heat produced in the earth's crust would provide enough energy to meat global requirements for 13,500 years. The United States also has vast amounts of geothermal energy particularly in the west which, if it could be harnessed, would provide a means of generating large amounts of electricity without greenhouse gases or hazardous wastes like nuclear power.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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