Frankfurt Preview: Opel Flextreme pics leaked! E-Flex goes diesel!

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One of the most eagerly anticipated debuts of the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show made an early debut this weekend thanks to another site that shall remain un-named. We present for your edification the third variant of the GM E-Flex platform, the Opel Flextreme. Like the Chevy Volt that appeared with a flex-fuel range extender in Detroit and with a fuel cell in Shanghai, the Flextreme is a series hybrid electric vehicle that can be plugged in and charged to yield a 40 mile range.

However since this is a European variant the Opel highlights the "flex" part of E-Flex by using a 1.3L four cylinder diesel to charge the lithium ion battery pack. The Flextreme also has a completely different body design switching from the sedan layout of the Volt to the more popular in Europe one-box hatch design. The car features a suicide door arrangement for the second row portals although this is unlikely to make it to production. Designers like this for concepts because it makes it easier to show off the interior on auto show stands.

The design does feature some of the elements of the GTC coupe concept that debuted last spring in Geneva such as the side panel shaping and the headlights. The side contours have also turned up on the spy photos of the next generation Vectra that is now expected to debut at Geneva in 2008. One other unique feature of the Flextreme is the integration of a pair of Segway scooters. As rumored, when the scooters are installed in their compartment in the back of the car, they are recharged from the on-board electrical system.

We'll have live pics and more details from Frankfurt on Monday and Tuesday.
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