Frankfurt Preview: GM's next E-Flex may come with a Segway

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, General Motors will be all about the green with a third iteration of E-Flex and the second major body style. GM officials had previously acknowledged the Frankfurt E-Flex vehicle will be a completely different body style from the Chevy Volt. Although no one is saying for sure, it seems likely the Opel E-Flex vehicle will be a tall wagon MPV style similar to the Opel Zafira or a Mazda5.

We also know that the new vehicle will replace the Volt's E85 flex-fuel range extender with one powered by a diesel engine. It's now being reported by CAR magazine the GM may be doing a deal with Segway to include one of their battery powered self-stabilizing scooters with the new concept. With an electrically driven range extended wagon you could roll a Seqway into the back and plug it in to keep it charged, and roll it out when you need it. Things should be interesting in Frankfurt.

[Source: CAR]

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