Spy Shots: 2010 BMW X4 crossover

Okay, this is getting kind of strange. Like German rival Audi, BMW appears to be on the verge of offering a full range of CUV/SUV models to match every automotive model in their lineup. What you see in this photo (larger version over at Winding Road) is rumored to be an early test mule for an all-new model, the X4. Expected to slot in between the X3 and X5 (naturally), it looks more like a 330i Touring on 'roids.
Christa Lehmann with Hidden Image captured this image and adds speculation that the running gear will likely be shared with the all-new X3 when that model debuts in 2010 or so. If they do share mechanicals, this X4 could debut at the same time. Not necessarily a bad idea, but the X3 and X5 already seem fairly close in size to warrant a new model between them. Who knows though, maybe this one will be just right. Click over to see the full size images, as well as a couple of renderings at WR that incorporate styling touches first seen in the upcoming X6 coupe.

[Source: Winding Road]

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