eBay Find of the Day: "Rambo Lambo" LM002

The terms "exotic" and "SUV" seldom go together. With few exceptions, the closest you might get is the Porsche Cayenne, or in reference to the rig you use to tow your supercar from track to concours. One notable exception is the Lamborghini LM002. Nicknamed the "Rambo Lambo", it bridged the gap between the company's tractor and supercar divisions in a military truck that makes the HUMMER look like a Tonka. It was powered by the V12 out of the Countach, and only 300 were said to have been built. With those limited numbers, they don't change hands all that often, but one shining example has just come rumbling onto eBay Motors.

Serial Number ZA9LU45A2JLA12069, in red over tan, is advertised as just having undergone a major servicing where many components were repaired, replaced and upgraded, including newly refinished cylinder heads, gaskets, brakes, suspension, new tires all around (road rubber to replace the off-road Pirelli Scorpions), new interior carpets, reconditioned leather interior, front and rear brush guards, side rails, transfer case, relocated fuel tank, new sound system with overhead speakers and new exhaust system.

With a Buy-It-Now price just shy of $100k, at the time of writing the bids were up to $61,300. That may seem like a huge chunk of change for one of the ugliest, worst-handling, worst-riding, gas-guzzling trucks ever to chew up the road, but you go and try to find something with more road presence.

[Source: eBay via GermanCarScene]

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