AutoblogGreen Exclusive: Ford Fusion XV1 is going to Bonneville!

AutoblogGreen got a call from Ford this afternoon to let us know about a special new project they are working on. The team behind the HySeries Drive Edge is teaming up with Ohio State University to create a special fuel cell powered Fusion. This fall the Fusion XV1 will traveling out to the Bonneville Salt Flats to make a run at the land speed record for fuel cell vehicles in the production class.

Ohio State currently holds the world record for electrically driven vehicles at almost 315mph with the Buckeye Bullet and they are lending their Bonneville experience to the new project. The OSU team will be providing the motor and fuel cell technology they are using on the second generation Bullet and the Ford engineers are doing the systems integration into a production body shell.

The Fusion XV1 will look pretty much like a standard Fusion but with aerodynamics optimized for a maximum speed run on the salt. The car is currently being built at Roush Engineering facility, and ABG will be bringing you more exclusive updates on the progress of the project over the coming weeks and months. If all goes according to plan Ford and OSU will be setting parallel records this fall with Buckeye Bullet 2 and Fusion XV1 in the unlimited and production classes.

Update: The motors are coming from the OSU but the Ballard Power Systems is supplying the fuel cells.

[Source: Ford]

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