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Honda and Ohio State researching robotics to help those with Parkinson's disease

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provided a grant for further development

The Michael J. Fox Foundation provided a grant for further development.

Food waste is great for tires, say researchers

Eggshells and tomato skins make for more sustainable compounds.

These tires divert landfill waste while reducing dependence on foreign petroleum.

Despite Mother Nature, Venturi VBB-3 sets EV class speed record

The Venturi VBB 3 sets a tentative class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, doing 240.320 mph. Conditions were so bad that the team couldn't go faster.

EcoCar2 is on the hunt for a better, cleaner Chevy Malibu [w/video]

Winner Of Three-Year Student Competition Named Tonight In DC

The students spent three years transforming an ordinary Chevy Malibu into a revolutionary vehicle.

Ohio State University's Buckeye Bullet claims another electric speed record

2010 Ohio State University Buckeye Bullet – Click above for high-res image gallery

Hertz puts the hurt on Zipcar at OSU

The Ohio State University like a few alt-fuel cars: the Buckeye Bullet 2, hydrogen-powered golf carts and Zipcar/Flexcar. Well, scratch that last one. OSU has de

OSU Buckeye Bullet 2 tops 200 MPH at Bonneville

The Ohio State University team that has been working with Ford on setting land speed records for fuel cell powered vehicles passed another milestone on Friday as the August session of salt flats racings drew to a close. The hydrogen=fueled streamliner broke through the 200 mph barrier at the three mile mark on the course. Now that they have verified that the drivetrain works properly they ar

Tuesday Salt Flats fuel cell update: Ford and OSU speeds continue to climb

Click on the team photo for a high res gallery of the action at Bonneville

ABG Exclusive: Ford and OSU team up for fuel cell land speed record

Ford and Ohio State University are teaming up to attempt a double land speed record for fuel cell-powered vehicles. Ohio State already holds the land speed record for electrically driven vehicles at 315 mph with the battery-powered

AutoblogGreen Exclusive: Ford Fusion XV1 is going to Bonneville!

AutoblogGreen got a call from Ford this afternoon to let us know about a special new project they are working on. The team behind the HySeries Drive Edge is teaming up with Ohio State University to create a special fuel cell powered Fus