Warning: If you are not a fan of the Ford Taurus SHO, look away. I'm indulging my own affection for the crown pinnacle of Taurus evolution by sharing with you a couple of posts found on DrivingEnthusiast.com. The first features two original Taurus SHO commercials for the Gen I and Gen II models. The Gen I spot is glorious dressed in its mid-80's production values with a soundtrack sourced from a $40 Yamaha keyboard and the late, great Ford tag line, "Have you a driven a Ford... lately?" The second commercial advertising the Gen II model glams up the SHO with a string section while the caption reminds us that the Taurus was the best-selling car in America at one point. Sigh... those were the days.

Finally, we bring you a video of something that never actually took place: a Gen III Taurus SHO running the famed Nurburgring in Germany. We have Sony Computer Entertainment's Gran Turismo 4 to thank for this one, which allows one to choose from an exhaustive palate of undeserving automobiles to race on the world's most prestigious tracks.

From what we've heard, there's little to no chance that Ford is working on reviving the SHO using the new 2008 Taurus (read: Five Hundred) as its base, and we can't blame them. The Five-Hundred is an even worse platform on which to build a performance sedan than the original Taurus. Nevertheless, we continue to hold candle vigils for the original SHO (specifically the first gen that remained truest to form), which played to host to an outstanding, high-revving 3.0L V6 from Yamaha that looked like underhood art and went like stink.

Check out the other two videos after the jump.

[Source: DrivingEnthusiast.net

Gen II commercial

Gen III running the 'Ring

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