Who's greenboasting now?

It's no secret that Plug In America is in favor of cars that plug in cars - it's kind of their reason for being - but I don't think they quite share the attitude expressed in the comic above, which takes swipes at Toyota, Honda, Ford and GM before (kind of) showing the good side of Tesla. If you go to the website the comic asks you to, www.pluginamerica.com, you'll see that PiA is excited about PHEVs from any number of manufacturers. I guess we should add this comic to the list.

But all that aside, the point that Mike Adams is trying to make with this cartoon is that he thinks it's high time for automakers to put up or shut up and deliver a plug-in car to the masses, and he's boycotting buying a new car until he gets one. On a Kantian level, he might be on to something. Mass boycotts would probably get things moving along, but it's abundantly clear that automakers are not only boasting, they're working on solving some serious difficulties in making a plug-in car. If nothing else, the first year of AutoblogGreen has made that point time and time again.

[Source: Newtarger, h/t to Manu]

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