Zipcar has largest service launch in Vancouver, BC

Zipcar, the car sharing service, opened shop in Vancouver, British Columbia last week with a starting fleet of 100 cars. That may not seem like a lot in a city of 600,000, but it's the largest market launch in Zipcar's history.
Zipcar made a move into Canada last year with a move into Toronto and came to London in November.

Zipcar is targeting Vancouver's downtown, Kitsilano, Fairview, Commercial Drive and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods for these first 100 cars. As Zipcar keeps saying, sharing a car in an urban environment saves money for users and CO2 emissions from the air. Zipcar's studies find "members drive less and are more likely to walk, bike, and use of public transportation. Environmental benefits include an 80% decrease in vehicle kilometers driven per year by Zipcar members." The company estimates that sharing a car is $435 US ($500 CAD) cheaper per month.

[Source: Zipcar]

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