ZipCar launches service in London

Following the recent launch of WhizzGo and StreetCar in London, England, US-based ZipCar launched their service in the British Capital. The company got £13 million in new funding and is starting their British service with six types of cars to choose from, ranging from Mini Coopers to BMWs and Honda Civic hybrids. The London service starts in Zones 1 and 2 and the Kensington & Chelsea areas and plans to expand to the rest of the city by the end of next year.
Members of ZipCar book cars on an as-needed basis and pay rates starting at GBP4.20 per hour. For that price, you get gas, insurance, maintenance and reserved parking. If you've ever visited London you'll know that this is a pretty compelling idea in the city where finding a parking space can be difficult and expensive. Since London, like many other big cities, has a pretty effective mass transit system, the need to actually own a car in the city is limited, and being able to just get one on demand sounds really good. Click Read to see the full release.

[Source: TheAutoChannel]

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