Zipcar in San Francisco: 5,000 members strong and growing

Chicago and Toronto may be Zipcar's latest markets, but San Francisco is the company's stronghold. The car-sharing company marked its paper anniversary (or clock anniversary, if you're the modern type) in the Bay Area with an announcement that it will be doubling it's fleet of 200 cars there in the next year. That should make the 5,000 Bay Area Zipcar members happy.
In fact, we know it will make them happy, thanks to Zipcar's recent opt-in survey of their members. The members said they've saved an average of $4,500 a year by sharing cars vs. buying them and that avoiding the cost and hassles of car ownership prompted them to join Zipcar. What's even better for the environment is that Zipcar members say they are driving fewer overall miles and riding public transportation and walking more since joining the program. Walk on!

[Source: Zipcar]

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