Torontoist compares car sharing services

Zipcar, the U.S. based car sharing company, has recently entered the Toronto market to give AutoShare, established in 1998, some competition. Torontoist provides us with an interesting article, discussing car sharing in general, and comparing the offerings of the two companies. Many Torontonians often are not aware of what a car sharing program offers, confusing it with either car pooling, or comparing it to car rental companies. That confusion has not stopped Zipcar from being successful in the Toronto market, however, as it has turned out to be the fastest market ever to attain 1000 members. While both companies initially started out by stressing the environmental aspect of their services, they are now somewhat down-playing it. Many of their customers are excited about driving around in interesting new cars on a regular basis, or having access to a car that is suited for the trip at hand. Use a Mini Cooper for a date, and reserve the pick-up truck for the trip to IKEA. So who came out on top? Each of the two companies has their pros and cons, which could make either one your top choice.
[Source: Torontoist]

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