From the archives: 2005 Ann Arbor Rolling Sculpture Car Show

Click on the Falcon Cobra for a gallery of high-res shots suitable for use as wallpaper

Ann Arbor, MI is one of those college towns (home to the University of Michigan) that is considered a bastion of liberal, granola eating, sandal wearing, pot smoking hippies. While that is true to some degree, there are also a lot of people who work for car companies in the area, and many of them are certifiable car nuts. For the past decade, every July, downtown merchants have put on a car show on Main Street, and while perusing my archives I found some pics you might enjoy from the 2005 iteration.

The photo above is one of two Australian Ford Falcons that came out, in '05. Back before Mel Gibson lost his Aussie accent and went completely insane, he was in a little movie called Mad Max, where he drove a car based on that mid-70s Falcon coupe. Also included in this collection, is one of the few Vector W8s ever actually completed and a mid-80s Aston Martin Lagonda. Of course, no car show would be complete without a bright red stretched limo C4 Corvette.

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