1:87 scale 1981 Ford Escort brings back the memories

click above image to get a closer view of this 1:87 scale 1981 Ford Escort

While Automobile Magazine is pondering the return of the Ford Escort, I can't help but remember the original. I remember carpooling to school with our neighbor who had one without a working heater and writing our names in the frost that developed on the windows. I remember a former boss who was told by a welder that not only would his shop not weld a trailer hitch on my boss's Escort, but that no one should smoke in the car before the rusted-out gas tank was replaced. Ahhh, the Escort.

So, of course, when I spotted this 1:87 scale replica of the (in)famous 1981 Ford Escort in white (was there any other color?), I quickly ponied up my $3. Coincidentally, this is more than I'd ever pay for a full-size version. The model is a pretty good rendering of Ford's iconic econocar as they were just before leaving the dealer parking lot. No rust, no smoke billowing from the tailpipe, just the promise of an American-built, gas-saving hatchback.

The 1981 Ford Escort comes with the covered display case seen here and is made by Fresh Cherries, the same guys who brought you the Mustang II and Gremlin we told you about a while back. We're still patiently waiting on the Fuego.

[Photo: Chris Tutor / Autoblog]

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