Hong Kong company revives Mustang II, Pacer

And the Gremlin and the Pinto. Yeah, all scale models, but didn't your jaw drop just a little after reading the headline? Mine did after spotting these at a major discount retailer's toy department last week. Available in 1:60, 1:24 and as a remote control 1:16 scale, these bad-rep rods of the 70s are part of the Fresh Cherries lineup from Motormax.

Surrounded by other, more respectable models like a Bugatti Veyron, the 2006 Camaro Concept, and a Ferrari F40, the 1:60-sized Gremlin on my work desk has sparked many conversations. The kitsch factor of these small mechanical monsters goes to 11. At less than $4 for the smallest versions, you can afford to have your very own ignoble garage, or recreate an 80s-era used car lot. For even more realism, set the Pinto on fire, and leave the Mustang II next to the Gremlin in the yard to build up some nice rust. We imagine the remote control Mustang II might cost more than a 1:1 scale version, though it would probably hold its value better.

We can't wait for the next round. What should be on that list? Hmm. Vega, Citation, maybe a Le Car.

Check the jump for a larger promotional photo from Motormax.

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