2009Land RoverLR3

Land Rover LR3

The Land Rover LR3 combines responsive on-road performance with go-anywhere off-road capability in a single rugged vehicle that still retains typical Land Rover levels of comfort and luxury.The five-passenger LR3 is offered in one well-equipped Base trim level. Power comes from a 300-hp, 4.4-liter...


2009 Land Rover LR3
MSRP: $45,975 - $45,975
2008 Land Rover LR3
MSRP: $48,525 - $54,025
2007 Land Rover LR3
MSRP: $41,435 - $53,235
2006 Land Rover LR3
MSRP: $38,285 - $52,985
2005 Land Rover LR3
MSRP: $44,330 - $49,330
British team attempting 10K-mile, 10-day drive in Land Rover

It may sound like a Top Gear challenge, but it isn't - a pair of Brits will attempt to drive from London to Cape Town, a distance of 10,000 miles, in under 10 days. The two-man team, consisting of endurance rally drivers Robert Belcher and Stephen Cooper will leave Blighty early on Friday, October 4 and cross 13 countries by Monday, October 14.
Land Rover sends millionth Discovery on transcontinental fundraising expedition

Land Rover is no stranger to achieving lofty goals, whether it's summiting one of the world's tallest mountains or traversing expanses of its most barren wilderness. But this time, it has reached another milestone altogether as the millionth Discovery (sold in the States as the LR4) has rolled off the marque's West Midlands production line.
Land Rover to Ford: Good luck with Terrain Management - Just remember who invented it

Back in 2005 when Land Rover let loose the most comprehensive upgrade to its long-running mid-level Discovery line since its introduction in 1989, one of the most intriguing new bits of technology was the company's highly lauded Terrain Response system. In fact, so revolutionary was the design of this new 'ute and the technology that made it work so well that Land Rover completely ditched the Discovery name in the United States, giving its pride and joy the LR3 moniker.

For Sale

2007 Land Rover LR3
/ 89,030 miles / PA
2007 Land Rover LR3
$15,495 / 96,840 miles / NY
2007 Land Rover LR3
$17,995 / 75,797 miles / PA
"As is Rover's custom, every off-road tool was on offer: height control, downhill assist, a locking center diff, terrain control, 10 Jesus bars, extraordinary wheel travel, an air suspension that soaked up impacts, and Goodyear Wranglers that were unfazed by slush, ice, and the occasional fir sapling.