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Hillary Clinton isn't a fan of Uber-style contracted workers

In a speech on the US economy, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks out against companies that use contracted workers instead of actual employees.

How Extreme Is Your Commute To Work?

Study says 600,000 Americans are "megacommuters"

Nearly 4 million Americans have "extreme" commutes to work, according to a new study.

Rendered Speculation: next Murcielago will be (*gulp*) longer and wider

According to a new report in Auto Express, there are a lot of changes planned for the next Lamborghini Murcielago. Among them all, the one that claimed most of our attention was that the next boss bull will "be wider and longer." The length isn't such a big deal, but the current LP640 already approaches the opposite of narrow, and it's already superbly planted. If that part is true, we don't know what the extra width would do except to make the car... well, wider.

VanTastic: 2009 Ford E-Series upgrades

Just as Ford's F150 has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for decades, their E-Series (née Econoline) vans have also been sales champs since before the dawn of the 1980s. A strong presence in the trades delivers forty percent of the full-size van market to the E-Series. Ford's adding some new features and an upgraded interior to the E-Series for 2009 to help it continue to earn its keep. The full-sizers got an exterior nip and tuck last year, so the biggest body changes t